Sculpt Nouveau ColorLoc in a 12oz. spray can
Traditional Copper Plate and Torch Patinas (both applied cold), ColorLoc (2 coats), and Ever Clear Satin (2 coats) on steel
Traditional Rainbow Patina (applied hot), ColorLoc (2 coats), and Ever Clear Satin (2 coats) on copper


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ColorLoc is a crystal clear, air drying lacquer that locks in the color of torch heated metals. It has excellent adhesion to brass, bronze, copper, and other metals as well as to patinas and rusted metal. Because of its unique chemistry, orange peel is virtually nonexistent.

The purpose of this product is to protect the colors formed by torch, flame, or heat treatment on metal. If the metal is to be placed outdoors or will be a highly used object, an additional top coating over ColorLoc is recommended. Examples of protective coatings include Clear Guard for interior use, and Ever Clear for exterior use.

Only available in 12oz. spray cans.