Ever Clear Black
Sculpt Nouveau Ever Clear Black (2 coats sprayed) on aluminum

Ever Clear Black

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Sculpt Nouveau Ever Clear Black is a zero VOC tinted two part polyurethane that darkens and protects metal in one step. The black is slightly transparent, and the finish is matte. Ever Clear Black is ready to use after mixing part A with Part B; there is no need for an additional thinner. However, you can mix Ever Clear Black with regular Ever Clear to increase transparency. Allow 1 hour to cure between coats.

Ever Clear Black produces excellent results on all metals, including copper, brass, bronze, steel, aluminum, stainless, and zinc/galvanized. We recommend at least two coats of Ever Clear, either two Ever Clear Black coats or one black and one clear. Each additional coat of Ever Clear black will make the finish darker and less transparent. If sprayed through a HVLP sprayer, Ever Clear Black should be sprayed out of a 1.2 tip at about 18-25 psi.

Ever Clear provides under-film tarnish protection as well as superior resistance to UV light, salt air environments, and most chemicals. It also makes an excellent anti-graffiti coating.

Ever Clear Black is available in 12oz. spray cans and 32oz., 1 gallon, and 5 gallon kits. One gallon will typically cover 250 sq. ft.

The spray can is the simplest and most convenient way to apply Ever Clear. The high quality nozzle delivers spray gun caliber results without the need for any additional equipment. Just activate, shake, and spray. Coverage is 25 sq. ft. per can.