Sculpt Nouveau White, Black, Antique Black, Hot Rolled, Rust, Copper, Bronze, Brass, Silver, Brown for Copper, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Verde, Sky Blue, Blue, and Violet Patina Stains in 12oz. spray cans
Brown and Verde Patina Stains (sprayed), Blue-Green and White Smart Stains (sprayed), Bronze Vinyl (sprayed), and Ever Clear Matte (2 coats) on steel
Yellow, Brown, and Black Patina Stains (sprayed) and Ever Clear Satin (2 coats) on aluminum

Patina Stain Spray Cans

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Patina Stain Spray Cans are the easiest way to apply Patina Stain. They come pre-mixed and ready to use. Most commonly, spray cans are used to touch up or gently alter a finish.

Patina Stain Spray Cans are available in bronze, brass, copper, silver, hot rolled, rust, red, orange, yellow, verde (copper green), sky blue, blue, violet, white, black (gun bluing or PC9/PC-9), antique black (M24/M-24), brown for copper metal, and brown for all other surfaces. They are available as individual 12oz. spray cans and in cases of 12. One spray can of Patina Stain covers approximately 25 sq. ft. in a light coat. For best results, over-spray with Clear Guard EF after application.