Hot and Cold Patina Application DVD

Hot and Cold Patina Application DVD

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In this DVD, Ron Young will teach you the essential steps to create beautiful hot or cold reactive patinas on steel and copper. 99 minutes, 2011.

DVD Contents:

Surface Preparation

  • Surface Prep for Steel
  • Surface Prep for Hot Patinas
  • Surface Prep for Cold Patinas
Hot Patinas
  • Japanese Brown Patina
  • Cupric Nitrate Patina
  • Ferric Nitrate Patina
  • Rainbow Patina
  • Universal Black Patina
Cold Patinas
  • Liver of Sulfur Patina
  • Slate Black Patina
  • Birchwood Casey M-24 Patina
  • Light Green Patina
  • Japanese Brown Patina
Advanced Hot Patinas
  • Red Patina
  • Silver Nitrate Patina
  • Pink Granite Patina
  • Multi-Layered Patina